by Gary Kobat on February 1st, 2014

One of the clearest indicators that we are controlled 
by our past is the use of blaming. 

Those that constantly blame others for the crosses they bear are 
the people who do not feel enough, see themselves as and feel 
like victims, who refuse to take responsibility for their lives - 
reluctant or forget that they have free-will and choice in 
everything they think, feel, say and do - now. 

While someone outside of us may have contributed to 
the cause of our blame or shame, we are responsible 
inside for continuing it. 

We decide on the standards that define our character. 
We decide whether or not to believe the lie that we are a victim. 
We decide whether or not to believe the lie that says we are inadequate.
We decide whether or not to believe the lie that we have no power or responsibility.

Our story must lead to the present.

If it remains stuck in the past, then it is not a living, vibrant,
accurate account of our life now....

"The real story is that we are unlimited beings. The real story is that the world and the Universe are unlimited. We must start telling the story of our amazing lives, because whatever story we tell, light or dark, vibrational energies will make sure we receive it...  and that will be the story of our life."

Let go of the past.
Accept it.

Be here now - where the possibilities are Infinite. 


by Gary Kobat on January 24th, 2014

Blaming others, or attempting to control everything, distract or numb ourselves just keeps
us locked into our blocks, our wounds, or the feelings of victim-hood. 

It is profound in today's modern life how much focus, time, and physical energy, effort,
and training we will commit our selves to in order to achieve in our career, or in a marathon,
cycling, or triathlon event, or in art, design,  cooking, family care, relationship, and business management, yet not think that our fears,or blocks to optimal performance or
recurring sabotage require just as much commitment and nourishment to heal
the emotional and psychological wounds that keep us from these achievements. 

Most of us do not understand that their is a scared little kid inside that needs love
and nourishment more than another training session in the pool, at the gym, or
​on the bike. 

And until we realize that we are the only ones that can forgive or love ourselves enough
to heal those blocks - life will continue to be drama, weight will yo-yo up and down, and
fear and anxiety will appear over and over.

Be gentle to that little kid. 

Make the commitment now to heal - no matter what, no matter if you do not know how,
or are scared, or if no one ever showed you how and you only know how to be hard on
yourself with words, training, and judgement.

Take the time this year to nourish yourself.

Come from that place in your core where you feel worthy and deserving.

And when you do - the possibilities are Infinite.


by Gary Kobat on January 24th, 2014

Everything is a practice.

And we create from out of what we practice.

Practice "embracing" our fears and our pains - by making 
friends with our fears and our pains, by bringing love to
them - and they diminish and thus, we become
less fear-driven.

Yet when we practice avoiding, denying, or running away from our fears 
and our pains - we end up fueling them - and they become stronger, 
even if we stuff them deep down. 

And so goes for the Five Truths - truths that cannot be denied, 
avoided, or run away from - because if we do, we'll only fuel 
the fear around them, from them, and or about them. 

Truth One: we cannot avoid growing old.
We can age slower, or faster - gracefully or with
harshness - but we cannot avoid growing old.

Truth Two: we cannot avoid having ill health.
We catch colds, the flu, all the way to more serious
conditions. We participate in their creation and
we will eventually deteriorate.
Truth Three: we cannot avoid death. 
Unless they've figured out how to live to be five-hundred, 
our body, a vessel, will eventually breakdown 
and perform it's last deed.
Truth Four: everything changes thus we'll 
eventually be physically separated. 
Nothing is permanent, everything flows and shifts 
and changes. You, me, friends, and loved-ones 
eventually separate physically.

Truth Five: we create our life, while here, out of everything 
we think, feel, say, and do. 

So our joy or our suffering in life will be an extension of how we gracefully
become aware-of and accept these truths, embrace these truths,
and take responsibility for these truths above.

And when and as we do - the possibilities, while here, become Infinite.

by Gary Kobat on January 24th, 2014

There is the real you.
And there is you on "too much coffee".

There is your real friend.
And there is your friend on "too much eating".

There is your real Dad.
And there is your Dad on "too much alcohol".

There is your real Relative.
And there is your relative on "too much gambling".

There is the real person, or the real you.
And there is that person, or you on pain - or chemicals 
and numbing agents attempting to avoid the story you
tell yourself about yourself in your head.
Which is not the real you.
It's you on "fear".
In fear. 
Attempting to survive. 
From your wounded self.
Abandoning your real self and the real you.

Instead of focusing on abstinence to the attachments & addictions
and ways you avoid - why don't you focus on your highest
best self - the adult in you that is loving, creative, able
to learn, grateful, and enough.

Because when you do, your attachments will begin to diminish.

When you finally bring some love to that wounded little,
unloved child inside - addictions begin to diminish.

And Peace begins to emerge. 

Where the possibilities are Infinite.

by Gary Kobat on January 24th, 2014

You are not your job. 
You are not your injury. 
You are not your eye site.
You are not your Iron Man.
You are not your marriage.
You are not your certifications.
You are not your accomplishments.
You are not your home, car, or plane. 

Being enough is not something we achieve.

It's something we are.

We are Life - an individualized expression of Life, 
with greater consequence and magnitude than 
anything we will ever accomplishment.

You see, either we're enough right now, or we're not. 

And we have spent so much time thinking of ourselves as 
not being enough that enough-ness seems so far away.

We forget that we are Life Force.

That Life Force is within us - and that if it's 
within us - then we must be enough.

Repeat - if Life Force is Enough, then we must be Enough.

This is something we must have the courage to accept.

The root of all of our challenges in life?
A unloving self image: feeling unworthy, undeserving,
unlovable, and not enough. 

When we embody fear and doubt: we bring in more people, 
make more decisions with fear and doubt. 
When we embody trust and faith, we bring in more people,
make more decisions with trust and faith. 

The keys: self love, self worth, acceptance, courage, trust, and faith. 

Who we are is more important that anything
we will ever accomplish. 

The possibilities are Infinite. 


by Gary Kobat on January 21st, 2014

True vision is not just seeing seeing, 
it's also seeing "not-seeing".

True practice isn't just practicing practicing,
it's also practicing "not-practicing".

True remembering isn't just remembering to remember, 
its also remembering "not-remembering". 

True understanding isn't just understanding understanding, 
it's also understanding "not-understanding".

Because when we understand everything, we don't really understand.

It's only when we understand "nothing", is it true understanding.

The human experience is both - light and dark, up and down,
in and out, on and off, high and low, something and nothing,
clarity and confusion, peace and turmoil, adult and child,
responsible and irresponsible, open and closed, 
happy and sad, sunny and cloudy, love and fear.

Embrace both.
Bring Love to both. 

And when we do - the possibilities are Infinite.