Calm that Feeling
by Gary Kobat on February 26th, 2014

Feeling inadequate, or not enough, unlovable, 
or undeserving is uncomfortable.

But in order to calm this feeling, to not squirm in our seat, make a face, or
tighten up in a knot when it comes up - to really heal, we must
face this feeling of shame and decide, once and for all,
what to do with it.

These feelings are our feelings.

They may have begun when we were powerless,
but we are not powerless now.

We have the power to be harsh on ourselves, but
we do not have to use our power this way.

We can use our power to nurture, nourish, honor and love ourselves,
to gently stretch and grow in a direction that is truly meaningful to us.

Remember, shame thrives in hiding.

But when we can gently, and compassionately acknowledge
our feelings of inadequacy, and still manage to accept
ourselves - healing has begun. 

Where the possibilities are Infinite.


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