Feelings and Emotions
by Gary Kobat on February 13th, 2014

Feelings come from inside of us. Emotions reflect what is happening outside of us.
Our answers for life are always inside.
Feelings are now - the present. Emotions concern the past or the future.
We can only be happy in this moment.

Feelings are the truth. Emotions have nothing to do with reality.
Our core essence is truth, our false self is emotional ego.
Feel peace and we know the feeling is positive energy.
React emotionally and we know that negative energy 
is always the outcome.

Feelings can be trusted. Emotions cannot be trusted. 
If we cannot trust, we live in fear - are fear driven.

Have you regularly been an emotionally reactive person?
Are you willing to take a look at that?

Remember - It is our feelings that tell us what is best.
When we get in touch with what we are feeling - and sit with them -
peace and unconditional love will always be the result. 

Where the possibilities are Infinite.


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