The Keys
by Gary Kobat on January 24th, 2014

You are not your job. 
You are not your injury. 
You are not your eye site.
You are not your Iron Man.
You are not your marriage.
You are not your certifications.
You are not your accomplishments.
You are not your home, car, or plane. 

Being enough is not something we achieve.

It's something we are.

We are Life - an individualized expression of Life, 
with greater consequence and magnitude than 
anything we will ever accomplishment.

You see, either we're enough right now, or we're not. 

And we have spent so much time thinking of ourselves as 
not being enough that enough-ness seems so far away.

We forget that we are Life Force.

That Life Force is within us - and that if it's 
within us - then we must be enough.

Repeat - if Life Force is Enough, then we must be Enough.

This is something we must have the courage to accept.

The root of all of our challenges in life?
A unloving self image: feeling unworthy, undeserving,
unlovable, and not enough. 

When we embody fear and doubt: we bring in more people, 
make more decisions with fear and doubt. 
When we embody trust and faith, we bring in more people,
make more decisions with trust and faith. 

The keys: self love, self worth, acceptance, courage, trust, and faith. 

Who we are is more important that anything
we will ever accomplish. 

The possibilities are Infinite. 

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