by Gary Kobat on January 24th, 2014

Everything is a practice.

And we create from out of what we practice.

Practice "embracing" our fears and our pains - by making 
friends with our fears and our pains, by bringing love to
them - and they diminish and thus, we become
less fear-driven.

Yet when we practice avoiding, denying, or running away from our fears 
and our pains - we end up fueling them - and they become stronger, 
even if we stuff them deep down. 

And so goes for the Five Truths - truths that cannot be denied, 
avoided, or run away from - because if we do, we'll only fuel 
the fear around them, from them, and or about them. 

Truth One: we cannot avoid growing old.
We can age slower, or faster - gracefully or with
harshness - but we cannot avoid growing old.

Truth Two: we cannot avoid having ill health.
We catch colds, the flu, all the way to more serious
conditions. We participate in their creation and
we will eventually deteriorate.
Truth Three: we cannot avoid death. 
Unless they've figured out how to live to be five-hundred, 
our body, a vessel, will eventually breakdown 
and perform it's last deed.
Truth Four: everything changes thus we'll 
eventually be physically separated. 
Nothing is permanent, everything flows and shifts 
and changes. You, me, friends, and loved-ones 
eventually separate physically.

Truth Five: we create our life, while here, out of everything 
we think, feel, say, and do. 

So our joy or our suffering in life will be an extension of how we gracefully
become aware-of and accept these truths, embrace these truths,
and take responsibility for these truths above.

And when and as we do - the possibilities, while here, become Infinite.

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