Locked In
by Gary Kobat on January 24th, 2014

Blaming others, or attempting to control everything, distract or numb ourselves just keeps
us locked into our blocks, our wounds, or the feelings of victim-hood. 

It is profound in today's modern life how much focus, time, and physical energy, effort,
and training we will commit our selves to in order to achieve in our career, or in a marathon,
cycling, or triathlon event, or in art, design,  cooking, family care, relationship, and business management, yet not think that our fears,or blocks to optimal performance or
recurring sabotage require just as much commitment and nourishment to heal
the emotional and psychological wounds that keep us from these achievements. 

Most of us do not understand that their is a scared little kid inside that needs love
and nourishment more than another training session in the pool, at the gym, or
​on the bike. 

And until we realize that we are the only ones that can forgive or love ourselves enough
to heal those blocks - life will continue to be drama, weight will yo-yo up and down, and
fear and anxiety will appear over and over.

Be gentle to that little kid. 

Make the commitment now to heal - no matter what, no matter if you do not know how,
or are scared, or if no one ever showed you how and you only know how to be hard on
yourself with words, training, and judgement.

Take the time this year to nourish yourself.

Come from that place in your core where you feel worthy and deserving.

And when you do - the possibilities are Infinite.


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