Avoiding ?
by Gary Kobat on January 24th, 2014

There is the real you.
And there is you on "too much coffee".

There is your real friend.
And there is your friend on "too much eating".

There is your real Dad.
And there is your Dad on "too much alcohol".

There is your real Relative.
And there is your relative on "too much gambling".

There is the real person, or the real you.
And there is that person, or you on pain - or chemicals 
and numbing agents attempting to avoid the story you
tell yourself about yourself in your head.
Which is not the real you.
It's you on "fear".
In fear. 
Attempting to survive. 
From your wounded self.
Abandoning your real self and the real you.

Instead of focusing on abstinence to the attachments & addictions
and ways you avoid - why don't you focus on your highest
best self - the adult in you that is loving, creative, able
to learn, grateful, and enough.

Because when you do, your attachments will begin to diminish.

When you finally bring some love to that wounded little,
unloved child inside - addictions begin to diminish.

And Peace begins to emerge. 

Where the possibilities are Infinite.

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