by Gary Kobat on January 21st, 2014

True vision is not just seeing seeing, 
it's also seeing "not-seeing".

True practice isn't just practicing practicing,
it's also practicing "not-practicing".

True remembering isn't just remembering to remember, 
its also remembering "not-remembering". 

True understanding isn't just understanding understanding, 
it's also understanding "not-understanding".

Because when we understand everything, we don't really understand.

It's only when we understand "nothing", is it true understanding.

The human experience is both - light and dark, up and down,
in and out, on and off, high and low, something and nothing,
clarity and confusion, peace and turmoil, adult and child,
responsible and irresponsible, open and closed, 
happy and sad, sunny and cloudy, love and fear.

Embrace both.
Bring Love to both. 

And when we do - the possibilities are Infinite. 


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